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HOUSTON, TX. – Lapolla Industries is pleased to announce the launch of their new ABAA evaluated closed-cell foam – FOAM-LOK AB 2000. While contributing to the building envelope by providing the best R-Values, durability, comfort, sustainability and air quality, FOAM-LOK AB 2000 also provides the best alternative when choosing an ABAA approved air barrier.

Air Barriers by definition are a component of building envelope systems that control the movement of air into and out of buildings. Air infiltration and air exfiltration are responsible for a considerable amount of the energy loss in commercial buildings and building owners and architects are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts air barriers can have on energy costs as well as building life span, air quality, pollutants, and water vapor.

ABAA is the leading advocate for the air barrier industry with members that include manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, architects, engineers, contractors, researchers, testing and audit agencies, consultants and building owners. Through a program that includes a quality assurance program, continuing education with ABAA accredited courses, third party audits, and training, ABAA is raising the bar and ensuring their stakeholders are part of one of the best organizations in our industry.

Doug Kramer, President and CEO of Lapolla Industries said “As one of the leading global spray foam manufacturers, Lapolla recognizes the value the ABAA acceptance offers to our customers and all building owners. With the increased awareness on energy savings due to rising energy costs, ABAA contributes to Lapolla’s vision to create a more sustainable energy-efficient living environment.”

Steve Williams, Technical Director of Lapolla Industries stated “Becoming a manufacturer member of ABAA and successfully completing our material evaluation of the FOAM-LOK AB 2000 places Lapolla in an excellent position to meet and exceed the changes expected in the forthcoming International Building Code (IBC) and international energy codes”

About Lapolla Industries, Inc.

Lapolla Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spray polyurethane foam for insulation and coatings targeting commercial and residential applications in the building envelope construction industries for energy savings.

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