Which Areas of My Home Can I Insulate?

Adding insulation to the attic, walls facing the exterior of the home, under the floors, exterior and interior walls, the basement, and the crawl space(s) are the best sections of your home to notice a substantial improvement on lowering energy consumption.

The Attic
Installing Lapolla’s spray foam insulation on the bottom of the roof deck in your attic is beneficial in many ways. Since hot air rises, without spray foam, the summer temperatures will make it uncomfortably hot and winters frigid. Adding open-cell or closed cell spray foam insulation will protect your attic from air escaping and keep it comfortable throughout the year.

Exterior Walls vs. Interior Walls
Interior Walls are great to use open-cell spray foam since it acts as both an air sealant and a sound barrier. Closed-Cell spray foam insulation is a denser in structure and is a great air and water barrier. Closed-Cell spray foam insulation is often used in both roofing and wall insulation improvements.

The Basement & Crawl Spaces
Insufficient home insulation can cause drafts. If the basement and crawl spaces lack insulation, homeowners will notice this draft through a number of ways including cold floors, and noticeable moisture and/or mold buildup.

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