Foam-LOK is the brand name for Lapolla’s spray foam insulation and roofing systems. Foam-LOK locks in energy savings by adding an exceptionally high R-value insulation system to the building envelope and the roof deck. This advanced insulation and roofing system is spray applied to any shape and substrate. It seals the building envelope to stop heat transfer through the roof deck, minimizes conditioned air from escaping, and restricts unconditioned air from entering the building.

Foam-LOK systems are installed on:

  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Agricultural Projects
  • Residential Buildings

The Foam-LOK product line holds a full-line of credentials that include UL, ICC, EnergyStar, Miami Dade and many others. Our team of experts is available to attend pre-design meetings, write special product specifications, conduct roof inspections and can recommend an approved Foam-LOK applicator for your next project.