True Comfort & Energy Efficiency

What really makes a house a home is how comfortable
it feels to you and your family. Imagine living in a home
where the temperature remains hot or
cold spots. Homes insulated with FOAM-LOK® spray
foam are just simply more comfortable because you
control the environment within. And along with the
benefits of comfort, you will also enjoy: noise reduction,
better air quality, and reduced energy consumption.
All of this adds up to a more comfortable, efficient
home for you and your family.

The Department of Energy reports
that heating and cooling accounts for
approximately 56% of the energy used in
the typical home.


Spray foam is a lightweight, durable,
and versatile insulation solution
boasting the industry’s strongest
performance in energy efficiency
and energy cost savings. This
insulation is the optimal solution for
all residential designs.

• Fully adheres effectively to most
construction substrates
• Professionally installed
• Best insulation for all climate zones
• Contributes to the wellness of
• Lasts the life of the structure


"High performance home
construction requires the best
insulation to create the greatest
value for homeowners. I have
Lapolla FOAM-LOK spray foam
insulation in my home to ensure
better air quality and energy
savings. Lapolla is my choice in
high performance insulation.”

Ty Pennington
Lapolla Spokesman
Host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition


• Up to 45% energy savings for the life of your home
• Improved air quality
• Reducing the infiltration of pollutants, allergens, and other
harmful asthma triggers from entering your home
• Enhancing comfort and wellness
• Minimizing unwanted exterior noise
• Eliminating hot and cold spots
• Consistent comfort throughout your home
• Air and moisture control to prevent the formation of harmful
mold and mildew

FOAM-LOK 2000-4G
is the first spray polyurethane
foam insulation worldwide
to eliminate ozone depletion
and reduce
global warming impact.


FOAM-LOK 2000-4G


• A meaningful amount of post-consumer
recycled content utilizing over 3,000 water
bottles in every home
• Reduced Global Warming Impact
• No ozone depletion
• By properly sealing your home’s envelope you
reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to
produce electricity, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.


FOAM-LOK spray foam insulation works by sealing the
building envelope to stop conditioned air from escaping
and prevent unwanted outside air from entering your home.
FOAM-LOK is a fully adhered insulation that is spray applied
into wall cavities providing a continuous air and moisture
barrier. Spray foam allows efficient use of your HVAC
system and helps regulate the temperature fluctuations and
humidity in your home.

Two Types of Spray Foam:

• Open Cell - Performance upgrade over traditional
insulation, providing a fully adhered air barrier
• Closed Cell - Premium spray foam offers the highest
insulation performance, air and moisture barrier, and
added structural integrit

Spray foam effectively seals the building
envelope, filling in any cracks and crevices,
the common source of air and moisture
infiltration as well as temperature variations.