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Lapolla’s Spray Foam Insulation Receives Approval from Meritage Homes

The Groundbreaking 4th Generation Eco-Friendly Insulation Leads
The Charge For Energy Efficient Home Insulation

Houston, TX, May 6, 2015 – Lapolla Industries, Inc., in its commitment to being the standard for environmentally friendly technology, has been approved by Meritage Homes, for use in its residential construction projects.

Lapolla was the first systems house in the industry to provide both open and closed cell technology to the market. The FoamLOK 500, open cell foam was also the first “non-mix” formula that allows for better consistency and ease of use for the installers. Lapolla continues to innovate, becoming the first in the world to develop and commercialize spray foam insulation utilizing Honeywell’s Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent in its FOAM-LOK 2000 4G spray foam. This state-of-the-art home insulation delivers environmental benefits with an ultra-low Global Warming Potential of 1, which is 99.9 percent lower than today’s most commonly used blowing agent, HFC-245fa, and zero Ozone Depletion Properties, while enhancing its insulation performance.

Recently, Lapolla partnered with Honeywell and Purdue University to incorporate its FOAM-LOK 2000 4G wall foam insulation into a 1920’s vintage home at Purdue University’s ReNEWW House, a renovated home that achieves net-zero energy usage.

“The entire approach to achieving zero energy homes isn’t just an idea any longer,” said Doug Kramer, President & CEO of Lapolla Industries, Inc. “Lapolla insulation adds value to the environment and homeowners worldwide. We’re proud to be a supplier of spray foam insulation to Meritage Homes, who is the innovator in high performance home building.”

“Meritage recognizes that building residential communities that meet and exceed standards resets the bar higher for what homeowners should expect from their homes.” added CR Herro, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at Meritage Homes. “We created a new standard in energy-efficient home building, and carefully partner with suppliers to ensure the highest quality components.”

About Lapolla Industries, Inc.

Lapolla Industries, Inc. is a global supplier, and manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam insulation, reflective roof coatings, and equipment, designed to reduce energy consumption in the residential, industrial and commercial markets, for both new construction and retrofit applications. More information is available at www.lapolla.com.

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