Lapolla Helps Cows Keep Their Cool: Arizona’s New State-of-the-Art Dairy Chooses FL 2000-4G

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Many dairies in the western United States provide carport like, outdoor shade structures for their animals. While somewhat beneficial, the resulting shade still leaves the animals largely outdoors and subjected to the negative effects of high heat. Chris and Craig Zinke, two dairy men in Arizona, wanted their new facility to provide a better solution to the challenges of their region.

They engaged Greg Beath of Lines to Design LLC, a full-time dairy architect based in Colorado, to design the 740,000-square-foot facility. “I designed a low profile, cross ventilated structure that pulls fresh air in on one side and exhausts stale air out of the other side,” says Beath. “High-pressure fogging systems immediately cool the fresh air coming in, keeping the cows comfortable.”

PRIME Metal Buildings provided the large-scale pre-engineered metal building, which encloses 17 acres within three interconnected structures. The Zinkes and Beath selected Lapolla Industries’ high-performance Foam-Lok 4G closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation for the structure and Tri-County Insulation dba Boss Insulation completed the insulation installation.