Spray Foam is the Only Flood-Resistant Insulation per FEMA List

Spray polyurethane foam is the ONLY insulation considered flood-resistant according to FEMA. FEMA recommends building and rebuilding with flood resistant materials in order to reduce risk to the building’s structure and make cleanup easier and less expensive.

What does “Flood Resistant” Mean?

According to this FEMA document called “Build with Flood Damage Resistant Materials”, Building materials are considered flood resistant if they can withstand direct contact with flood waters for at least 72 hours without being significantly damaged. “Significant damage” means any damage that requires more than low cost, cosmetic repair (such as painting).

Anyone who has had to have “the pink stuff” or other insulation pulled from their home after a flood knows the value of this.

FEMA’s List of Flood Resistant Materials

Here are two great reference documents supplied by FEMA as guidance for homeowners, contractors, and property owners.

“Flood Damage-Resistant Materials Requirements”: A thorough list of building materials including numbered ratings (1 is lowest, 5 is highest) identifying materials as either “Acceptable” or “Unacceptable”. Spray foam is the only insulation material that has a rating of 5 and is considered an acceptable flood resistant building material. See page 10 of the document for the insulation ratings.

“Build with Flood Damage Resistant Materials”: This is a short and easily digestible version of the flood resistant building materials list. It also includes helpful tips and advice from FEMA.

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