Lapolla Insulation for Homeowners

Lapolla's residential spray foam insulation is designed for internal walls and attics, but can also be applied to floors, soffits, crawl spaces and cavity walls.

True Comfort & Energy Efficiency

What really makes a house a home is how comfortable it feels to you and your family. Imagine living in a home where the temperature remains hot or cold spots. Homes insulated with FOAM-LOK® spray foam are just simply more comfortable because you control the environment within. And along with the benefits of comfort, you will also enjoy: noise reduction, better air quality, and reduced energy consumption.

All of this adds up to a more comfortable, efficient home for you and your family

Why Spray Foam?

Spray foam is a lightweight, durable, and versatile insulation solution boasting the industry’s strongest performance in energy efficiency and energy cost savings. This insulation is the optimal solution for all residential designs.

How Does Spray Foam Work?

FOAM-LOK spray foam insulation works by sealing the building envelope to stop conditioned air from escaping and prevent unwanted outside air from entering your home. FOAM-LOK is a fully adhered insulation that is spray applied into wall cavities providing a continuous air and moisture barrier. Spray foam allows efficient use of your HVAC system and helps regulate the temperature fluctuations and humidity in your home. Spray foam effectively seals the building envelope, filling in any cracks and crevices, the common source of air and moisture infiltration as well as temperature variations.

Two Types of Spray Foam:

Open Cell

Open-cell foam is a performance upgrade over traditional insulation, providing a fully adhered air barrier.

Closed Cell

Closed-cell foam is a premium spray foam that offers the highest insulation performance, air and moisture barrier, and added structural integrity.

Maximize Your Investment

Air moves in and out of a home through every hole, crack, and crevice. The Department of Energy reports that heating and cooling (space conditioning) accounts for approximately 56% of the energy used in the typical American home. Roughly one third of air infiltrates through walls, ceiling, and floors.

Adding an advanced insulation system is necessary to achieve optimal building performance. FOAM-LOK™ spray polyurethane foam is that advanced insulation system. Air exchange in and out of a home results in the mechanical systems heating and cooling the building to continuously operate, increasing energy costs. Spray foam insulation can maximize a home buyer’s investment by sealing the building envelope to stop conditioned indoor air from escaping and prevent unconditioned air from entering a home.


  • Up to 45% energy savings for the life of your home
  • Improved air quality
  • Reducing the infiltration of pollutants, allergens, and other harmful asthma triggers from entering your home
  • Enhancing comfort and wellness
  • Minimizing unwanted exterior noise
  • Eliminating hot and cold spots
  • Consistent comfort throughout your home
  • Air and moisture control to prevent the formation of harmful mold and mildew

Maintain Moisture Management

In addition to energy consumption, air infiltration and exfiltration within a home contributes to almost 99% of moisture migration.

Critical Requirements for Mold Growth:

  • Available mold spores
  • Available food for mold spores
  • Appropriate temperatures
  • Considerable moisture

Restricting air movement stops moisture accumulation so that the possibility of mold growth is less likely. Combined with a properly sized HVAC system, FOAM-LOK™ spray foam insulation helps control the indoor humidity levels to minimize moisture and condensation. Reducing moisture and controlling humidity can also add years to the life expectancy of a home, plus contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

Go green!

An environmentally friendly home is a great benefit for you, your family and the environment. Take an active role in helping reduce greenhouse gases, thus slowing the effects of global warming. By properly sealing your home you reduce the amount of oil that is needed to produce electricity and the carbon emitted into the environment.

Did you know?

FOAM-LOK 2000-4G is the first spray polyurethane foam insulation worldwide to eliminate ozone depletion and reduce global warming impact.

Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation Training

Find Spray Foam Contractors Near You

Lapolla's network of approved spray foam insulation contractors are available across the continental United States – and beyond.

Our Lapolla-approved spray foam applicators promote and install better building solutions – solutions that are achieved through the application of spray foam insulation. They are committed to the highest quality installation standards, and demonstrate an aptitude of understanding building science. They value a collaborative approach to build and deliver safe, durable, and energy efficient homes.

Home Insulation Solutions

Retrofit Insulation

Re-insulating part, or all, of your home. Through our energy assessment, we present to you the parts of your home that require the most insulation to decrease your energy loss. Usually this involves adding spray foam insulation to your attic, crawl space(s) and/or walls.

You can also retrofit part of your home that has never had insulation. We’ll assess these areas and provide a spray foam insulation estimate to maintain a low energy use. Occasionally homeowners need a wall, ceiling or flooring insulated to prevent drafts.

New Home Insulation

Have a new home being built, or have construction already in progress? Request for a spray foam estimate once the foundation and frame have been completed. Our insulators can provide an estimate at this level of construction.

The Lapolla Way

Lapolla's approach to designing, building or retrofitting a home involves identifying traditional building envelope problems and correcting them through the use of spray foam insulation and other air sealing products. Conventional insulation products do not address many of the building envelope concerns that exist today such as:

  • Air infiltration
  • Vapor Drive
  • Non-Conventional Framing
  • Non-ventilated attics/crawl spaces

Insulation should add value to energy savings, indoor air quality, safety, durability and comfort. Lapolla spray foam insulation is designed to meet all of these demands. We give homeowners peace of mind that their home delivers minimal energy loss and maximum comfort for their family.


Build a FOAM-LOK™ Home Today

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