Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

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Today, more than ever, insulation is a critical component in the fight against skyrocketing energy costs. In this battle, the product of choice for many is Lapolla polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Lock In Energy Savings For Life

Spray foam insulation works by sealing the building envelope to stop conditioned air from escaping and prevent unwanted outside air from entering your home. It allows efficient use of your HVAC system and helps regulate the temperature fluctuations and humidity in your home. It's a lightweight, durable, and versatile insulation solution boasting the industry’s strongest performance in energy efficiency and energy cost savings.

Leading Innovation Since 1977

Lapolla was the first in the world to commercialize the latest spray foam insulation technology. As an industry leader in high performance building products, we strive to raise the bar in energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.

Our corporate headquarters in Houston, TX is home to multiple laboratories, customer care, technical services and a world class manufacturing plant that produces spray foam and elastomeric roof coatings.

Lapolla is trusted by homeowners, building owners, contractors, and the architectural community. We've earned that trust through world class products and technical services that provide value in energy savings for the entire life of a building.

Why Spray Foam?

With the rising cost of energy, and focus on health and environmental issues, architects and builders are recommending insulation materials that add significant performance value to construction projects. Spray foam is at the top of the recommended product list.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Include:


Spray foam is a fully adhered insulation that is spray applied into wall cavities, providing a continuous air and moisture barrier. Spray foam allows efficient use of your HVAC system and helps regulate the temperature fluctuations and humidity in your home. Spray foam effectively seals the building envelope, filling in any cracks and crevices, the common source of air and moisture infiltration as well as temperature variations.


Homes insulated with spray foam are just simply more comfortable because you control the environment within. The seal created by spray foam contributes to an even temperature and dampens noise from outdoors.


Air infiltration and exfiltration within a home contributes to almost 99% of moisture migration. Restricting air movement stops moisture accumulation so that the possibility of mold growth is less likely. Combined with a properly sized HVAC system, spray foam insulation helps control the indoor humidity levels to minimize moisture and condensation. Reducing moisture and controlling humidity can also add years to the life expectancy of a home, plus contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Finally, it also deters pests, making it difficult for them to nest.


Many illnesses like asthma and allergies are often caused by airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, carbon monoxide and many more. By choosing spray foam insulation, your home will be sealed from a wide range of pollutants in the air. Many customers notice a positive difference in their health after installation.


Spray foam insulation can help support the overall structure of your property. This is dependent on the application and thickness of the spray foam on installation.


Current guidelines recommend up to 10 inches of insulation in your attic . This is usually added to the ground, rather than the roof line, which results in the loss of your storage area, due to not being able to refit floor boards after installation. By implementing spray foam insulation to the roof line, you regain the lost 10 inches, thus increasing storage, height and practicality.

Spray Foam Products

Lapolla’s globally credentialed insulation products provide value in energy savings for the entire life of a home or building.

Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation Training

Find Spray Foam Contractors Near You

Lapolla's network of approved spray foam insulation contractors are available across the continental United States – and beyond.

Our Lapolla-approved spray foam applicators promote and install better building solutions – and they're committed to the highest quality installation standards, and demonstrate an aptitude of understanding building science. They value a collaborative approach to build and deliver safe, durable, and energy efficient homes.

Spray Foam Applications

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Lapolla's spray foam insulation is designed for internal walls and attics, but can also be applied to floors, soffits, crawl spaces and cavity walls. We offer new construction and retrofit applications for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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    Spray foam insulation is the optimal solution for all residential designs.

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    Solutions for commercial buildings, roofing insulation and wall coatings.

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    Solutions for industrial structures, such as agricultural.

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