Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is one of the most efficient insulating materials commercially available, with aged R-Values above 6.0 per inch.

As an industry leader in high performance spray foam insulation, Lapolla strives to raise the bar in energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.

The description “closed-cell” comes from the cell structure of the finished insulation material. One cubic inch of polyurethane foam insulation contains millions of tiny plastic closed cells filled with Enovate® 3000, a non-ozone depleting blowing agent.

The blowing agent is captured within the cells which contributes to highly efficient insulating properties. In addition, closed-cell foam provides an inherent air barrier with low moisture vapor permeability, and excellent resistance to water. The density for closed-cell spray foam is approximately two pounds per cubic foot. The medium density foam provides sheer and racking strength to wall assemblies in building applications.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation systems, when properly installed, deliver energy savings of up to 45%.

Small imperfections in the building envelope (holes, cracks, gaps) not properly sealed will eventually lead to poor building performance or worse, moisture accumulation, allergen/pathogen growth, and very possibly structural failure. The solid nature and sealing capability of closed-cell spray foam, inhibits moisture-driven elements. Two inches of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation will minimize air infiltration, exfiltration, convection, conduction and control solar driven moisture in the building envelope.

How Much Does Home Insulation Cost?

Looking for a quick estimate? Get a rough idea of what it would cost to insulate your home.

View the Closed Cell Spray Foam Technical Data Sheetspray foam insulation technical data details
home energy spray foam estimate
ASTM E-96, 1 perm or less is required to qualify as a Class II vapor retarder
Cavity Fill InsulationWater Vapor Permeability*
AirTight CC-Closed Cell SprayFoam InsulationClass II Vapor
Retarder @ 2″
Fiberglass Loose FillPermeable
Fiberglass BattPermeable
Cellulose Loose FillPermeable
Cellulose Dense PackPermeable